Throw Yourself Into the World with Reckless Abandon!

Commencement speeches.  This time of year they are all over the headlines. Politics, humor, boycotts and protests. Hopefully inspiration.

I venture to say thousands of graduates couldn’t really care less about the speaker or their speech.  I don’t blame them. It’s been my experience that the speaker was chosen by someone more interested in “cultivation” than inspiration.  I admit, I’m guilty as charged, but for good reason.

There is a very good chance that all those bored graduates have had their education subsidized in one way or another (yes you too Biff/Tiff) by the state, foundations, and private donors.  The fact is it is only on rare occasions that tuition covers all the costs, and that asking someone to be a commencement speaker is perhaps the best tool the development office has in their arsenal (they may be cultivating someone other than the speaker them-self, but make no mistake, they are cultivating someone). I digress.

So the point.  If you are lucky, you might get an inspirational speech by someone interesting to you.  Unlikely though.

I’m here to help.  To any graduate who may find this (again unlikely); here is who SHOULD have been your commencement speaker.

I realize this is a few years old by now, but whenever I’m in need of inspiration I watch it, plus it’s a great song!


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