Currently Available for Development:

Heavenly Betrayal Cover

PROJECT TITLE: Heavenly Betrayal
GENRE: Drama/Mystery
AUTHOR: Brian L. Cheek
DATE: 6/2013

LOGLINE:  In Elizabethan England, a tortured priest faces off against the Queen’s ruthless agent and must choose between his love, his country, and his faith.  Based on actual events.

fools green

GENRE: Action/Thriller
AUTHOR: Brian L. Cheek
DATE: 1/2014

LOGLINE:  As April Fool’s Day approaches, bringing a major technology terrorist threat, two office mates plan a risky and daring heist, but must first dupe their multinational bank customer, their own team, a corrupt Senator, and most importantly the F.B.I.


GENRE: Mystery
AUTHOR: Brian L. Cheek
DATE: 7/2014

LOGLINE:Wes Stephens believes he’s settled in a small town and is on a path to a new life; that is, until a dark secret enters his life on the heels of a mysterious woman.

 Currently being written:

PROJECT TITLE: Treason of the Scots
GENRE: Drama (Historical Fiction)
AUTHOR: Brian L. Cheek
DATE: Summer 2016

LOGLINE:  The remarkable, true story about a prisoner and a spy who conspired to rule a fragmented, Civil War torn England together, King Charles I and his mistress Jane Whorwood.


GENRE: Action (Romance)
AUTHOR: Brian L. Cheek and Kristin Cheek
DATE: Winter 2016

LOGLINE:  Having started a new life in London, Marielle becomes caught between the authorities of Scotland Yard and the war criminal they are pursuing when it becomes clear she is the only person who can save something special, but must risk everything to do so.