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Looking for historians and writers of historical documentaries to collaborate with on spec scripts.  The genre is historical fiction, and the approach is to take lesser know characters from well know periods and historical events and create historical fiction closely tied to real events. My strength is the structure and execution of the screenplay, looking for someone to provide more depth and complexity to the basic story. Basically give notes, provide feedback, and help develop secondary plot lines and characters.

For instance, Heavenly Betrayal is the story of Father John Gerard, who spent his life as a catholic secret agent.  His relationship with the Vaux sisters is lesser known, particularly with Elizabeth.  My story recounts his struggles with Richard Topcliffe, the notorious priest hunter, and his exploits disguised as a nobleman. (Note: This script is finished but needs a re-write to make Elizabeth the protagonist rather than Fr. Gerard)

Jane, depicts the inner workings of King Charles I imprisonment on the Isle of Wight, where Jane Whorwood serves both as his spy and mistress while he attempts to regain control over England from the Parliamentarians and Cromwell’s New World Army with the help of the Scottish who are closing in. (Note: This script is in process, but well planned out and will be finished soon.)

Both stories have strong women as the protagonist and the history they influenced as the backdrop.  Imagining their lives, expanding on the real story, and at time embellishing their role and impact creates a compelling and exciting tale.

Please find links to a few introductory pages of both screenplays below and contact viat the me if you are interested in a collaborative effort to bring these movies to life.

Jane 1-12

Heavenly Betrayal 1-20

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